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الرقية الشرعية

للبحث في المدونة


الأربعاء، 30 مايو، 2012



Magic practices are done by some one who loved the girl once, to bind her womb so that nor she is able to get married or if she is married, then no sign of fertility shall be there for her entire life; such woman yearns for a baby and some times can have hysterical attacks too. The other aspect of this magic is some times a friend of her gets jealous because of her beauty or attraction and does some Mephistophelean practices on her, and the victim gets irregular menstruation problems and blood remains dropping all the time and eventually she gets weaker day by day. Here is symptoms of this spell,
  • Anger and Irritation increase
  • Abnormal physical strength
  • Aversion to Godly items, places, or prayers
  • Brain getting drained
  • Devilish, malefic, or evil thoughts
  • Complexion darkens, as does your life
  • Voice changing
  • Memory loosing
  • Waking suddenly, in fear
  • Night terrors
SPIRITUAL CURE: Read Durood Sahrif 3 times, Surah Ya-Sin Verse no 81, Surah Ya-Sin verse no 83, 101 times, Durood Sharif 3 times below on water and use to drink. Read Surat Falk & Surat Nas 100 times after every prayer.carry on same procedure till 40 days. Magic effects removed.

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